Our solutions are suitable for hotels and business and residential objects

Intelligent systems are not only made for homes - they are applicable for hotels and business objects as well. The one central supervisory and control system (CNUS) provides integration with all of the other systems which simplifies control and saves a considerable amount of energy..

Rezidencijalni objektiCentral supervisory and control system (CNUS):

  • Lightning
  • Motors and shades (shutters, blinds, garage doors, venetian blinds)
  • Irrigation
  • Swimming pool system control
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Technical security system
  • Audio multizone systems (outdoor, indoor and hidden speakers)
  • Video distribution
  • Presentation halls
  • TV Lift Mechanisms and rotation systems
  • Constructing a reliable and secure Gigabit LAN and WiFi network adjusted to your smart devices



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