Why DoorBird?

Why DoorBird?

Comparison with competitors

DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. Our products are made from corrosion-resistant precious metals and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The design is sophisticated, clean and straightforward.

Due to the consistent use of IP technology DoorBird products are top notch in the industry. In terms of quality, speed of push messages, voice and video, DoorBird IP Video door stations are the leader when it comes to innovative technology and design. Because of our specially developed encoding, packaging and transport technology, only 450 KBit/sec are needed for a great audio and video quality. DoorBird even works reliably when your smart device has only moderate internet connection.

In the following list we classify our products for you and show you in what areas our strongest competitors are doing best.


 Design and Quality
DoorBird  Elegant, straightforward design made of high-quality precious metal casings. No cheap plastic housings

 Numerous surfaces and colours, e. g. stainless steel, bronze, brass, titanium as well as free choice of colour with powder coating.

 Service for the design of individual units
Best Competitors  Siedle, 2N, Aiphone
Production Location  
DoorBird  Germany
Best Competitors  Siedle
Picture and audio quality
DoorBird  Ultra sharp, ultra wide angle HD image, straightened and without black fish eye edges

 Clear speech even under difficult environmental conditions
Best Competitors  Only at DoorBird
DoorBird  Distribution only through us and selected resellers

 No dumping prices on the Internet
Best Competitors  Only at DoorBird
Support and Service 
DoorBird  Support in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian

 2 year worldwide warranty

 Worldwide return free of charge in case of defect
Best Competitors  Only at DoorBird
Model Variety 
DoorBird  Numerous models for single-family and apartment buildings, apartment complexes and large apartment buildings

 Products for access control

 Service for the design of individual units
Best Competitors  Siedle, 2N, Aiphone, Comelit
IP Technology 
DoorBird  Products based entirely on IP technology

 No SIP required

 App does not have to be started, therefore battery-friendly

 Free Cloud recording (visitor history) in HD quality

 No DynDNS or port forwarding / NAT required

Best Competitors  Ring, Skybell
Internet connection requirements 
DoorBird  Minimum required internet connection: 450 Kbit/s.

 Specially developed encoding, packaging and transport technology for mobile remote access (WLAN, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G), resulting in low latency for audio & video and super-fast connection establishment. Ultra-fast notification via push message

 Minimum delay for audio and video because no standard h. 264/SIP
Best Competitors  Only at DoorBird
 Integrations and compatibility, interfaces 
DoorBird  Open API interface for integration in home automation, access control, alarm systems and other systems

 Official ONVIF member

 Integrated in Volkswagen, Control4, Crestron, KNX, RTI, Elan, URC, Nuki, Zipato, Fibaro and many more.

 Integrated in NVR, NAS and VMS (e. g. Synology, Qnap, Hikvision, Netavis, Milestone etc.) and much more.

 Activatable Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) with P2P and PBX support, e. g. for Grandstream, Snom, Yealink etc.
Best Competitors  In this variety only at DoorBird
Connection possibilities
DoorBird  Connection for existing doorbell

 Connection for existing door, door or garage openers

 Connection for existing door release button
Best Competitors  Siedle, 2N
DoorBird  Simple activation by scanning a QR code

 No SIP required

 No DynDNS or port forwarding / NAT required
Best Competitors  Ring, Skybell
Exemplary functionality
DoorBird  180-210° HD video with hemispheric lens*

 4D motion sensor*

 Schedules and profiles individually configurable

 Automatic door opener

 I/O door controller as remote safety relay

 Cross-Platform HTML5 Widget

 RFID Reader*


 Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE)*

 Cloud API for third-party vendors

Best Competitors Only at DoorBird

  *: Depends on model



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